Network-Society, MSN, Approach and meet, Visual Culture, Eroticism. Themes relevant to our public realm of today. How do they affect our surroundings? Erotic Manoeuvres investigates the spatial effects of these issues, indicating towards negotiation-space, starting from the practice of Flanerie and then dives into the Gay-cruising-context for its very being condensed of the approach-and-meet-process, making it easy to map out. From this a system of three sequential spatial types has been derived; a territory of non-committal movements; a domain of gaz-like behaviour called Aire de Flanerie; An intensification of personal interaction between persons, is featured by the ‘chase’ like liquid ‘running’ through the ‘ducts’ of The Hunting Ground; If successfull, the Intimacy Zone will be entered, a venue of ephimerical solidness. Gaz, liquid and solid, the three stages of aggregation known from chemistry. This system of three spatial phases we call Erotic State Of Aggregation Domains© (ESOAD©); later on more generic as Interaction ...Domains© (ISOAD©). These domains bear their own elementary characteristics from which one can start to work and think about negotiation-spaces where people look and find.
1998 Onderzoek Berlage Instituut met Bart Lootsma
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