To be designed, a viaduct for the Dutch TGV-line between Rotterdam-Noord and Nieuw Vennep, which, in fact, runs through a western slice of the illustrous ‘Green Heart’ of the Dutch Randstad – an area meant to remain an open space and yet not is prevented from discussions and pressure to exploit it for building-activities. A viaduct leaves the area unsplit; preventing it from having cut off a slice of the green heart; therefore the goal is a structure transparant as possible, that also stresses the horizontality of the landscape with its transparent vertical elements. Note for instance the mirroring cladding onto the interior side of the concrete layer, allowing for more daylight underneath the viaduct. An artwork like this could be referred to as being anew part added to the dutch ‘deltaworks’. And it offers voyagers an experience of highly touristic signature: a steadily panoramic sight-seeing tour over the typical dutch polderland (Adriaan Geuze). The viaduct consists of two parts and has therefore two kindred shapes that interchange at Zoetermeer. The part towards Rotterdam is large-scaled as is the landscape with its greenhouses and VINEX-extensions, while the part towards Amsterdam has a small-scale character regarding the fine-grained picturesque Green Heart landscape. The first part has a free span of 120m, while the second part has an approximately 36m span. A cultural impact is the theme at the small-scale scenario. Bearing columns here appear as letters and ‘deltas’ to stress the space between the words. Althus horizontally stretched sentences appear that only reveals glimpses at singular statical occasions of perception, stresses the horizontal speed. The sentence is elusive as are the TGV-trains running over the viaduct, seen from the landscape. One should transport himself to get the message, that may comment on the disputed context in which the tgv-line has been originated. The letters and the delta-shapes do stress horizontality and transparency and let the layer ‘float’: enabling narrower spans without a vertical-like fence-effect. In addition, one can think of combining the fixed letters with unfixed digitally triggered letters that render the displayed text even more elusive.
1996 Case Study Berlage Instituut met Adriaan Geuze
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